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堅持成習慣、習慣成自然。位在台北大安區的三角路口,ANGLE CAFE對於咖啡的堅持,昇華成為一種生活態度。



Home roasting cafe.

Persistency becomes habits; habits become second nature. 

Located in the triangular intersection in Da-An District in Taipei City, ANGLE CAFE elevates its persistency for coffee into a lifestyle.

For brand identity, we composed logo through various angles, cleverly turning characters into icons. It conveys one idea through various angles and spreads the passion for coffee to cakes and light meals as well.

Since “angle” is core of the brand, we developed brand identity in motion by turning the triangle area into color blocks and lines in order to not only strengthen brand impression but also to path a way for holistic yet extensive development in future.

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