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你可以在這裡找到屬於自己的空間角落,可以獨自沉澱,也可以歡聚共享,一個不存在於 城市,不屬於庸碌生活的篇章。



You can find your own little peace on earth, you can have daydreams alone, you can have your friends gathering together... a place doesn’t belong to the downtown city, a chapter of life where “busy” doesn’t exist.
We started from the brand positioning and naming, developed the CIS as the theme “traveler’s home”. We make all the possibilities come true to deliver this idea by using the letter B of BUBULA as the key element, from indoor to outdoor, from the sign board, material, wall design to the lights, we bring the fantastic and beautiful landscape of Yuanshan Township, Yilan in the house. Create a leisure home for all the traveler who will never forget.

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